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Midas Extractor 2.2

Extract plain text from one or more PDF files. Doesn't need other tools
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Midas Extractor is an easy-to-use application that lets you extract text from one or several PDF files to Text files.
In order to use this program you only have to add PDF files through the "Add file" option in the menu, by dragging and dropping them into Midas's interface, or through the "Add Folder" option (it will include all PDF files in a given folder). The program automatically extracts text to a new .txt file with the contents and name of your input PDF. You can then open the created file to get the text you need.
The program has a clear and simple user interface with few options, and enough documentation to get it working. It is useful for those who want to get some text from a PDF file that won't allow you to copy it for different reasons, but it can't process text from scanned images. I advise you to test this software yourself before you buy it, just download its free limited trial version.
The program works under such OS as Windows XP/2000/NT V4.00+/98ME/95 and with Internet Explorer 4 or later.

Daniel Verdesoto
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